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“Get to the table he ordered” in his French tainted English. “your pussy so good and I’m gonna make it sing’ he hollered.

For a minute, I was convinced he was possessed by the pussy gods, then I thought he was just intoxicated by my pussy juice. I have never met any man who feasted on squirt juice like ‘Man with no name’.  He drank it, swam in it as though there in lies his Liberation.

Let me tell you about ‘Man with no name’.

I met him on my trip to Benin Republic. I had been a part of a delegate to consider some issues surrounding poverty and hunger in a village just outside of Port novo and as always, I was fully in work mode. It was an uneventful trip, one filled with time spent working on a report and touring villages. I had spent the three days worrying about the world and how to fix it and sex was the last thing on my mind.

On the last day of the evaluation, I walked into the hotel lobby to pick up my keys and I noticed that the hotel manager winked at me. he didn’t stop there, he flirted heavily and everything he said seemed like a sexual innuendo. I dismissed the thought and just figured his eyes had an involuntary twitch.

He informed me of my water and laundry bill and as I was about to pay up, I noticed that my wallet was in my hotel room. “I will come to upstairs to your room to get the money” he offered. I felt relieved but still had a feeling as though he was hitting on me.

I was barely clad when I heard a knock on the door, it was him. I hurriedly wore some clothes and picked up my wallet. Without making eye contact I handed him the money due and motioned to close the door. He held the door open with his leg and my pulse started to race! I was nervous as fuck and I didn’t know why. I was almost sure there was a pussy destruction coming my way.

I cleared my throat and tried to speak with confidence, “Excuse me, why are you holding my door open” I asked, trying to keep my voice audible. He caught my eyes and said, do you need anything else? His voice seductive as fuck! In that minute, I knew I was going to fuck this stranger.

Can I come in he asked, still seducing the shit out of me, I basically lost my voice and could not speak, I just moved away from the door, holding it open as though I was under a spell.

He came in and immediately planted his lips on mine. Alarm bells went off in my head. My body started to make music and this stranger was about to dance to it. I kissed him back and that was it, I was lost in this fog of lust.

He began to fondle and caress me, groping and grabbing and I liked every bit of it. I was wet and ready and I had no time to waste. I disengaged from the kissing and fondling, went to my table, handed him a condom and took doggy position on the bed. He entered me from behind with a bang and began to pump it up, in, out, bang bang.

I was dying but I wanted more. He fucked me with so much enthusiasm and lust every stroke harder and deeper than the last driving me to the depths of pleasure. My orgasms came rushing and with every one he spanked me hard as though he was rewarding me for every orgasm.

After a while, he came out of me and said “get to the table.” I was a little afraid of him and rightly so but I obeyed him without question. I laid on the table and he walked slowly toward me, killing me with anticipation. He raised my right leg and slid inside me. He continued to fuck me hard with so much enthusiasm and I cried, throwing caution to the wind. With every stroke came a compliment. “Your pussy so good” “your pussy so thick” “I wanna fuck you right now” “make you cum so hard” all these said while spanking my ass his dick buried deep inside me. This was music to my pussy cos my wetness increased and my juices splashed as he banged.

Fuck! His dick was big and I was hurting but the pleasure was too profound and I couldn’t muster the strength to say stop. Harder, faster, deeper I cried instead, begging him to take me to the edge of ecstasy.  I wanted him to ravage my pussy, give me an experience I’ll never forget and that he did. He then took me on the floor, on the bed, and by the wall. I had begged him not to stop but I had reached my 6th orgasm and my strength was failing me. He slowly pulled out of me and said “I don’t wanna hurt you, I just want to make your pussy feel good.”

I collapsed on the bed and watched him put his clothes on so he could return to the hotel front desk.

We fucked for over two hours and my nameless stallion didn’t cum neither did he break a sweat.



Finger Fucked.

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“Are you asleep?” he asked, I chuckled and retorted, “I’m touching myself.”

Todd sprang off his computer and dug his fingers straight in my wet pussy. Fuck, I grunted, I raised my waist upward and he dug in deeper, my fingers rubbing against my clitoris as he fingered me harder. Fuck! I yelled in orgasm as my juices came flowing. I squirted all over his hands, his hand glistened and I couldn’t resist the urge to put his hands in my mouth, I wanted to taste me, all of me.

Todd and I met at a young professionals convention. He is a professor at the local university and I was a student in one of the short courses at the university. It was an immediate attraction. Todd wasn’t an exactly handsome man but he had an exceptional mind. Every word that proceeded from his mouth reeked of intelligence and that made me hot for him. I am not the typical hot for teacher type but intelligence has a way of getting me wet inadvertently.

Literally. I wanted to fuck him the first day I saw him but life got in the way.

Six months later, I went to the university to conduct some research and there he was, skinny and tall with his thick glasses looming over a bed of roses. Everything about him turned me on but I wasn’t about to spook him. We hugged briefly, made plans for lunch and that was how it all started.

We had lunch four times in two weeks and I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him, he was obviously holding back and I didn’t want to push things. We had talked about everything and anything, there was a bond somewhere in there and I wanted it to grow.

Todd is somewhat robotic, thinks everything through logically and has almost no room for emotions. Many people would consider this a turn off but I love logical people, I am amused by socially inept persons. Quirks and kinks are a huge part of life for me, I don’t believe in normal.

One random Tuesday afternoon, Todd called and wanted to have lunch with me. It was not a special request until he mentioned that he was cooking. “What’s on the menu?” I joked. I was in the mood for some rice and plantain!

Then it crossed my mind, I was cooking too, and ready to serve. I was serving pussy.

I arrived at Todd’s house, it was in the rough part of town but it was a decent apartment, tastefully furnished. We ate, talked about politics and feminism, we argued about how people who belong to the privileged gender need to stop teaching us how to be feminists. Todd and I enjoy arguing with one another and argue we did until somehow ended up in his bed.

We watched a movie on his laptop and it was nice, the atmosphere was crisp and comfortable. It felt so familiar, almost safe. I slid under the duvet and reached below, I was touching my pussy.

I touched myself while we watched the movie and it seemed like he didn’t notice, at this point I was starting to moan aloud, my body fast approaching climax. As though he has been in a trance, he glanced at me and saw what was going on, he quickly dug his finger in my already wet pussy like someone catching a bus at rush hour. He dug in deeper and my body went crazy, before I could catch my breath, my orgasm washed over me like a tornado, my legs shaking fiercely.

Todd, looked at me, perplexed and asked, why did you start without inviting me? “I didn’t want to disturb you” I mouthed, assuming a school girl character.

He grabbed my boobs and began to squeeze, kiss and fondle. He was rough as though he knew how I liked it. He would bite, squeeze and kiss with precision and boy! Was I wet!

He reached down and dived into my pussy, he began to eat me out. He sucked on my clitoris as though he had been thirsty all his life, stuck his tongue in my opening and flickered it, this sent unholy waves down my spine and for a minute, I didn’t recognise him. He seemed so different, he wasn’t the quiet, rationalising human being he usually was. He was almost upbeat eating my pussy, torturing me.

“Stick your finger deep inside me” I said, he obliged, his mouth still locked on my clit. At this point, I was closing in on another orgasm, exasperated as fuck, my breathing was irregular and I loved it. I would give anything to feel this way for longer. A few minutes later I was sated. My pussy throbbing and my mind racing. That was the best head of my life.

Then, he whipped out his dick, oh! It’s big I gasped.

To be continued…

Uyi’s House.


It was a Thursday evening and Uyi and I were supposed to attend a poetry festival on the island. I was dressed casually in a short skirt and a pair of boots; I drove to our meeting point and as I pulled onto the expressway, my phone rang. It was Uyi. “Could you just come to my house I’d like us to talk before we go to the Island”.

I really enjoy Uyi’s company so there was no harm in going to his house, That would usually come with a drink and decent conversation. I pulled into the driveway and saw him, he looked different.

“Hey knuckle head” I yelled from the car, “why do you look like you got run over by a trailer?”

We settled in his living room and just faffed around. Won’t you offer me a drink I joked; he got up and brought out his bottle of whiskey.

“Who made the rule about room temperature whiskey?” He joked. We shared a laugh over weird alcohol rules, no one cared so long we got drunk… we agreed.

That was the moment I saw it, He had a semi – erection and was trying to hide it. I swallowed hard and concentrated on my drink.

He placed the bottle of whiskey on the table right next to me and said, knock your self out, “literally” I jokingly retorted.

Suddenly, there was silence and it was awkward.

Does this weird silence have anything to do with your erection?” I asked, trying to sound as casual as possible. He looked at me, eyes smoldering as fuck; my vagina began to melt. “I want to kiss you,” he said.

Slowly our faces touched and we kissed, his lips were softer than I had imagined and he was skillful, the sheer thought of his tongue on my clit made me giddy with joy.

May I, he whispered, his face glowing with lust, I was so carried away and so I nodded in agreement and immediately tried to guide his hands toward my breasts, Uyi stopped for a second and whispered, be verbal Hun, consent is sexy.

“Take me, all of it” I said impatiently. I just wanted to be back in his arms.

He pounced on me as soon as the words left my lips, kissing me a little harder this time. His hands roamed free, first to my breasts, then to my neck and settled between my thighs… “oh fuck” I muttered.

He massaged my clitoris with so much skill and precision and with every calculated stroke; I shed a tiny bit of sanity. He did this until my orgasm came heavy…

“Get on the bed, I want eat you out” he said, his eyes feasting hungrily on my body. The very sound of his voice inspired obedience. I lowered myself to the bed and Uyi in one move spread my vagina open and dug his tongue straight into my opening. Shuddering violently, I accepted him, all of him. His tongue feasting hungrily and my body ached, wanting more.

With every moan, I urged him on; I wanted him to take it, all of it.

By now, his penis was as hard as a rock, engorged as though it was going to pop its lid; I knew he needed my attention.

A quick change in position, I took his penis in my mouth, licking the tip with my tongue while I put pressure on the shaft. He cried in ecstasy… he held on to my head and shoved his dick deeper into my mouth, I took it in with all pleasure. He furiously fucked my mouth and I enjoyed the animalistic way he yelled, take as much as you can…

Deep throating, sucking and teasing, I worked my magic on his averagely sized dick till he begged me.

“Let me fuck you” he begged.

I immediately obliged him. In one hard thrust he pushed his dick inside me, way deeper than necessary but it felt good. He fucked me so hard I knew I was doing the right thing, every stroke harder than the last.

He turned me right over on all fours, lowered his dick inside my wet and glistening pussy and together we rode into orgasmic glory.


Thank You Dee!


“Fuck me deeper, deeper, ohhh faster.” Dee rammed into me as though he was mad! Every thrust more painful that the last, driving me further into ecstasy.

You see, I met Demola at a party. We talked for a while and exchanged numbers while I went back to my girlfriends. It was girls night and I had to get back to that.

One random Tuesday, I received a phone call, “hey it’s me, Dee!”  the cheerful voice called out. We talked, one thing led to another and we decided to go out for drinks.  I ordered a frozen Margarita and he ordered a Long Island Iced Tea.

We decided to switch things up and do shots! I ordered a bottle of tequila and we started to drink. Salt, shot, lime! by the 7th one, we knew we needed to fuck each other.

I could feel the wetness welling up in my vagina and the alcohol was not helping. I needed that dick so bad and I said a little prayer “please let it be big.”

We decided to move the party to his apartment; a cosy tastefully furnished mini flat. We barely made it to the couch before we started to kiss. We kissed each other aggressively till I was out of breath.

Then his fingers started to roam; first to my breasts, he cupped, grabbed and kissed. Softly at  first, then he started to suck on them so hard like his life depended on it. I was going crazy, I wanted him to touch my wetness, he took a finger down my pants to trace my wetnessas though he heard my prayers to the gods. I was fucking dripping and every touch felt like a million stars were exploding in my vagina.

He started to circle around my clitoris, delicately then his finger slid right into my vagina. “Oh my world” I whispered. He finger fucked me so deep that I began to tremble, every stroke made me crazier, I cried like someone possessed of a demon. I felt my orgasm build from deep within and in a few minutes, I exploded all over his hands. “Give me your hand, I want to taste me.” I cooed.

Dee looked at me with lust in his eyes, I knew he was going to fuck the sense out of me. Come here he barked; the very tone of his voice made me mad and my vagina swam in its own juice.

He came closer, pushed me on the couch and raised my legs exposing the entrance to my now glistening vagina, I knew I was in trouble. Sweet sweet trouble.

As soon as he wore the condom, he bent down to kiss my clitoris I gasped lightly. He suddenly stood straight as though he changed his mind and descended into me, his dick stiff as an iron rod, he entered and filled me up, length, breadth, up and down.

His dick felt good, snug as fuck, then he began to ride, at first in a slow rhythmic fashion, then he fucked me like a wild animal. I begged him to go deeper, harder, faster, I begged him to fuck me, “pull my hair, spank me Dee” I called out. He heeded my call and fucked me so hard I thought I was going to pass out…

As I felt the orgasm build up in me like a hurricane, I started to thank him, “thank you Dee” I said. I didn’t know why I was thanking him, I just felt like he had just blessed me.

Then it came! I came all over the couch, my fountain coming alive and flooding everything in sight. I laid there spent, checked my twitter for updates, looked over my shoulder and said, Thank you. He smirked and retorted, for what?