Uyi’s House.


It was a Thursday evening and Uyi and I were supposed to attend a poetry festival on the island. I was dressed casually in a short skirt and a pair of boots; I drove to our meeting point and as I pulled onto the expressway, my phone rang. It was Uyi. “Could you just come to my house I’d like us to talk before we go to the Island”.

I really enjoy Uyi’s company so there was no harm in going to his house, That would usually come with a drink and decent conversation. I pulled into the driveway and saw him, he looked different.

“Hey knuckle head” I yelled from the car, “why do you look like you got run over by a trailer?”

We settled in his living room and just faffed around. Won’t you offer me a drink I joked; he got up and brought out his bottle of whiskey.

“Who made the rule about room temperature whiskey?” He joked. We shared a laugh over weird alcohol rules, no one cared so long we got drunk… we agreed.

That was the moment I saw it, He had a semi – erection and was trying to hide it. I swallowed hard and concentrated on my drink.

He placed the bottle of whiskey on the table right next to me and said, knock your self out, “literally” I jokingly retorted.

Suddenly, there was silence and it was awkward.

Does this weird silence have anything to do with your erection?” I asked, trying to sound as casual as possible. He looked at me, eyes smoldering as fuck; my vagina began to melt. “I want to kiss you,” he said.

Slowly our faces touched and we kissed, his lips were softer than I had imagined and he was skillful, the sheer thought of his tongue on my clit made me giddy with joy.

May I, he whispered, his face glowing with lust, I was so carried away and so I nodded in agreement and immediately tried to guide his hands toward my breasts, Uyi stopped for a second and whispered, be verbal Hun, consent is sexy.

“Take me, all of it” I said impatiently. I just wanted to be back in his arms.

He pounced on me as soon as the words left my lips, kissing me a little harder this time. His hands roamed free, first to my breasts, then to my neck and settled between my thighs… “oh fuck” I muttered.

He massaged my clitoris with so much skill and precision and with every calculated stroke; I shed a tiny bit of sanity. He did this until my orgasm came heavy…

“Get on the bed, I want eat you out” he said, his eyes feasting hungrily on my body. The very sound of his voice inspired obedience. I lowered myself to the bed and Uyi in one move spread my vagina open and dug his tongue straight into my opening. Shuddering violently, I accepted him, all of him. His tongue feasting hungrily and my body ached, wanting more.

With every moan, I urged him on; I wanted him to take it, all of it.

By now, his penis was as hard as a rock, engorged as though it was going to pop its lid; I knew he needed my attention.

A quick change in position, I took his penis in my mouth, licking the tip with my tongue while I put pressure on the shaft. He cried in ecstasy… he held on to my head and shoved his dick deeper into my mouth, I took it in with all pleasure. He furiously fucked my mouth and I enjoyed the animalistic way he yelled, take as much as you can…

Deep throating, sucking and teasing, I worked my magic on his averagely sized dick till he begged me.

“Let me fuck you” he begged.

I immediately obliged him. In one hard thrust he pushed his dick inside me, way deeper than necessary but it felt good. He fucked me so hard I knew I was doing the right thing, every stroke harder than the last.

He turned me right over on all fours, lowered his dick inside my wet and glistening pussy and together we rode into orgasmic glory.



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