Finger Fucked.


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“Are you asleep?” he asked, I chuckled and retorted, “I’m touching myself.”

Todd sprang off his computer and dug his fingers straight in my wet pussy. Fuck, I grunted, I raised my waist upward and he dug in deeper, my fingers rubbing against my clitoris as he fingered me harder. Fuck! I yelled in orgasm as my juices came flowing. I squirted all over his hands, his hand glistened and I couldn’t resist the urge to put his hands in my mouth, I wanted to taste me, all of me.

Todd and I met at a young professionals convention. He is a professor at the local university and I was a student in one of the short courses at the university. It was an immediate attraction. Todd wasn’t an exactly handsome man but he had an exceptional mind. Every word that proceeded from his mouth reeked of intelligence and that made me hot for him. I am not the typical hot for teacher type but intelligence has a way of getting me wet inadvertently.

Literally. I wanted to fuck him the first day I saw him but life got in the way.

Six months later, I went to the university to conduct some research and there he was, skinny and tall with his thick glasses looming over a bed of roses. Everything about him turned me on but I wasn’t about to spook him. We hugged briefly, made plans for lunch and that was how it all started.

We had lunch four times in two weeks and I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him, he was obviously holding back and I didn’t want to push things. We had talked about everything and anything, there was a bond somewhere in there and I wanted it to grow.

Todd is somewhat robotic, thinks everything through logically and has almost no room for emotions. Many people would consider this a turn off but I love logical people, I am amused by socially inept persons. Quirks and kinks are a huge part of life for me, I don’t believe in normal.

One random Tuesday afternoon, Todd called and wanted to have lunch with me. It was not a special request until he mentioned that he was cooking. “What’s on the menu?” I joked. I was in the mood for some rice and plantain!

Then it crossed my mind, I was cooking too, and ready to serve. I was serving pussy.

I arrived at Todd’s house, it was in the rough part of town but it was a decent apartment, tastefully furnished. We ate, talked about politics and feminism, we argued about how people who belong to the privileged gender need to stop teaching us how to be feminists. Todd and I enjoy arguing with one another and argue we did until somehow ended up in his bed.

We watched a movie on his laptop and it was nice, the atmosphere was crisp and comfortable. It felt so familiar, almost safe. I slid under the duvet and reached below, I was touching my pussy.

I touched myself while we watched the movie and it seemed like he didn’t notice, at this point I was starting to moan aloud, my body fast approaching climax. As though he has been in a trance, he glanced at me and saw what was going on, he quickly dug his finger in my already wet pussy like someone catching a bus at rush hour. He dug in deeper and my body went crazy, before I could catch my breath, my orgasm washed over me like a tornado, my legs shaking fiercely.

Todd, looked at me, perplexed and asked, why did you start without inviting me? “I didn’t want to disturb you” I mouthed, assuming a school girl character.

He grabbed my boobs and began to squeeze, kiss and fondle. He was rough as though he knew how I liked it. He would bite, squeeze and kiss with precision and boy! Was I wet!

He reached down and dived into my pussy, he began to eat me out. He sucked on my clitoris as though he had been thirsty all his life, stuck his tongue in my opening and flickered it, this sent unholy waves down my spine and for a minute, I didn’t recognise him. He seemed so different, he wasn’t the quiet, rationalising human being he usually was. He was almost upbeat eating my pussy, torturing me.

“Stick your finger deep inside me” I said, he obliged, his mouth still locked on my clit. At this point, I was closing in on another orgasm, exasperated as fuck, my breathing was irregular and I loved it. I would give anything to feel this way for longer. A few minutes later I was sated. My pussy throbbing and my mind racing. That was the best head of my life.

Then, he whipped out his dick, oh! It’s big I gasped.

To be continued…



  1. I truly believe a hard finger fucking gets things started just fine. Nothing better than sliding my hard cock into a sopping wet pussy.


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