Orgasmic Party of One!


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It was rainy Tuesday and I didn’t have to be at work till 12pm so I had some time on my hands. I rolled over in bed relishing the rare opportunity to sleep in. Then it came to me, I had been on an unintentional sex hiatus and although I was loving it, some self-love seemed appropriate. Heck! I had some time to sleep in. Plus— who doesn’t like the smell of cum in the morning.

So, I journeyed around my body, feeling her delicately. As my hands roamed, I became aroused. A little nipple squeeze here, a little touch there mixed with a lot of sexy thoughts the magic began, in no time, my body responded, I was wet.

Then I began to rub my hands on my swollen sex. It was warm and moist down there and for a moment, I was lost, imagining how warm my pussy will feel around a proper sized dick. For some reason, that mental picture had my body going. I began to rub on my clitoris, in circular motion. First slowly and then a little faster, with the occasional moments where I am knuckle deep in my pussy daring the squirt gods.

Gradually, my juices began to assemble, and I was going crazy. Deeper, faster, I continued dipping my fingers in and making every stroke count. Splash! My juices came running. My finger was out of my pussy now and I began to caress my clit, overwhelmed by a sense of urgency I rubbed the now turgid organ faster, and faster, in circular motion, then from side to side….

Then it washed over me, the best orgasm of the month. My knees buckled and my toes could not stay straight. Fuck! Ahhhhh! Hmmmmm! I groaned, mumbling some incoherent shit as my body danced to its own music.

I didn’t wipe the cum, I simply pulled my duvet closer and slept in for an additional two hours. I don’t know about you but I like the smell of fresh cum, I find it relaxing.

It was the best Tuesday ever.


Tell me about most memorable party of one in the comment section! Let’s be dirty with impunity!


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