Finger Fucked (Part 2)

I have been asked to write the concluding part of this series so, here you go. I am actually pleased that you guys read!



Then, he whipped out his dick, oh! It’s big I gasped.

To be continued…

I sat across from him lightly touching my pussy. The entire house smelt like sex but I knew we weren’t done. I needed to fuck Todd. I found him incredibly sexy and I wasn’t going to be sated until I could feel his warmth inside me.

His dick was bigger than I had expected and I throbbed with excitement. I leaned over, looked in my bag and handed him a sachet of lube. I had squirted while he finger-fucked me and that reduced the viscosity of my pum juice. He rubbed the lube all over my vagina in slow motion and when he reached my ass, he dug a finger in and this sent unholy waves through my body. “I am just trying to excite you” he chuckled.

I was excited and couldn’t wait to sit on his dick with my now lubricated sex. Chill out he whispered, let me fuck you… I nodded as though I lost my ability to speak and laid on my back. He slowly eased himself onto me and gained penetration. At first, he moved slowly just but in a few seconds, he was bouncing in and out of me, each thrust accompanied by a masculine grunt I didn’t know he had. He cursed grunted and fucked and that turned me on even more.

Todd, fuck me harder I commanded. As though he’d been waiting for that he flipped me on my back into the doggy position, stuck his thumb in my ass and fucked my pussy with such aggression. I loved every bit of it. I screamed, moaned and groaned, our voices matching in pitch, his dick grinding into my vulva! A few minutes later, my body shook violently in another orgasm, my pussy squirting over everything.

I’m coming he groaned holding on to my waist hitting me harder, it hurt but I liked it. He pounded wildly into me for a while and collapsed on top of me, his dick throbbing as his sperm hit my walls creating a warm fuzzy feeling.

We laid there for about three hours and just talked about his thesis and other ideas. Todd blew my mother fucking mind, I had not expected him to fuck the air out of me literally.





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