The “Fuckathon”



I met Jude at a tech event and even though we were introduced by a mutual friend, a tech investor, we didn’t hit it off initially. I found him later that night standing alone at the entrance of the hall and I walked over to say hello. This turned into the most decent conversation of the night. We went outside and shared each other’s company sharing our dislike for parties and how drained we felt.  The conversation was great until he wrapped his arms around my shoulder and we relaxed into a cuddle and continued our conversation. The moment I let him slip his arm around my shoulder, I knew we were going to fuck— Not immediately but sometime in the future. Of course, I am not in a hurry the pussy gods always deliver in their own time.

Two months after I met Jude, I randomly got a message from him and we started talking. First about life, work and other things and then about sex and there he dropped the question. Would you fuck me? I giggled a little and replied, if “You’re a good boy.” This made him a little uncomfortable as he is considerably younger than I am. I am no ageist but just to be sure, can I see your ID when we meet? I suggested. This riled him up further and I had fun with it. I indulged his curiosity and his mild lack of sophistication because he was a 22-year-old CEO of a tech start up. He had a slightly shaky sense of self but that was not a problem some growth couldn’t fix. We continued to talk for about a month and one night he asked if he could come over.

It was a Thursday and I was on the mainland for work —  It came up in our chats that morning so I decided to go ahead and mentioned the hotel I’ll be in and when I’ll be free. I was laying the foundation; I was curious to see what a 22-year-old fucked like.

Around 6pm he messaged— I am in your area; would you like to hang out? I hesitated before I replied because I was somewhat nervous but I this did not impair my sense of adventure so I asked him to pop by for a drink at my hotel. In 20 minutes Jude was outside my hotel and I buzzed him in. Hey, he said. I could barely reply when his lips covered mine in a deep kiss.  He began to kiss me as though he was starving and I was his meal. I kissed him back and gently pulled away. How are you Jude I asked— He looked at me and as though he was angry, and grunted, you want to know how I am? Yes, I said, This time like a little lamb.

I’ll show you how I am he continued, Pushed me to the bed and began to take off my pant… I watched him intently, he focused on my crotch area as though he couldn’t wait to devour me. I raised my bum so he could take it off completely when I heard him say “I want to fuck you” but you have say yes. I knew better but I was gone. My pussy was fucking wet and I laid there like an ignoramus waiting for his dick to touch my holy land. I nodded in agreement but he wouldn’t have it. No, you must say yes, verbally he continued.

Yes. Yes, Jude I said. Please take this pussy. He bent down and pushed his dick in my super wet pussy— no foreplay no warning. I was so wet he slid straight in and before I could gather myself, I felt him fill me up, pushing, shoving his dick deeper into my wet, wet vagina. While he fucked me, he kept his fore finger on my clit rubbing it as hard as he was fucking me. I cried in ecstasy begging him to fuck me deeper, my body was on fire and the only thing that could quench it was his dick pulsating inside me. My body needed him so bad, I begged him “daddy please take everything” I said in the throes of passion, He chuckled and said, “no need to beg me baby, I’ll fuck you till you lay here lifeless” I was afraid this man was going to kill me but my senses weren’t with me. I just needed him to pound my pussy like it was his last day on earth. As he dug deeper and deeper, I felt my orgasm wash over me and in a few minutes, he blew his load all over my ass.

We took individual showers and I lit a cigarette. I stayed on the window to smoke a couple and enjoy the somewhat miserable view my hotel provided. I smoked two cigarettes and came into the room and saw him still half naked. “Why aren’t you dressed” I asked him, “I thought you’d be ready to go by now” I continued.

“We haven’t had that drink yet mami” he said. We ordered drinks from the hotel bar and relaxed. The conversation flowed naturally, we talked about everything on earth, ranging from politics to sports to global warming. We covered every topic until I made a joke about him showing me his Identity card because I wanted to make sure he was legal. He laughed, I laughed and somehow he was in front of me, pulling me close.  He was so soft this time, if felt like he was a different person. He reached out and whispered “I want to show you something” With that he kissed me, I kissed him back. We caressed and necked on for a long time and he placed his right hand on my left boob. He squeezed lightly and proceeded to twist my nipple between his forefinger and thumb. This sent waves down my spine, I took my hand off his neck and touched his dick, I felt his body stiffen slightly as my hand grabbed his hard cock.

We continued to kiss and caress one another, then he pulled his mouth from mine and placed it on my right boob this time. My juiced flowed and as though he knew, he placed his hand on my now swollen sex. I was a little tender from the pounding but he was careful, he began to rub my clit sending shocking waves through my body: it felt as though electric shocks were being delivered to my vagina. He stuck a finger inside my throbbing pussy and began to finger fuck me. He did this with such care but the strokes were definite and strong so much he rubbed he rubbed against my sensitive spot and I squirted all over his fingers.

At this point, I needed the pressure in my body to subside because I was going to boil over.  Let me pleasure you I whispered to him. I climbed on top of him and took his dick in my mouth, he let out a groan that encouraged me to be savage on his cock. I sucked his dick so hard, applying pressure, pain and sweetness at intervals. He held on to my hair as thou it was a life line. I replaced my mouth with my boobs now and began to boob fuck him. He groaned and moaned, cried and begged me to let him get that pussy. I obliged him. He placed me on all fours, on the floor my hands holding on the table in the room and put his dick inside me doggy style. I cried a little. It was too good. How can this man fuck so good?

He started with slow sure strokes and built up into wild banging every thrust more savage than the last. He lost all control and banged into me like a wild animal, every thrust I met half way, moving my waist like a pro until I collapsed on the floor, he kept fucking me until I my orgasm tore through me like a tornado. The orgasm shook me so much I laid there on the floor with his cum on my back for about an hour. For a minute, I though he had killed me as promised.

Jude and I took a shower together this time and talked all night. At 4am, he woke me up hard and strong, he just gently spooned me and fucked me while he choked me slightly, he delivered slow, gentle but sure thrusts with precision as though he was writing code for a new application.

We fucked for a long time, showered ate breakfast and continued with our individual lives.


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