Finger Fucked (Part 2)

I have been asked to write the concluding part of this series so, here you go. I am actually pleased that you guys read!



Then, he whipped out his dick, oh! It’s big I gasped.

To be continued…

I sat across from him lightly touching my pussy. The entire house smelt like sex but I knew we weren’t done. I needed to fuck Todd. I found him incredibly sexy and I wasn’t going to be sated until I could feel his warmth inside me.

His dick was bigger than I had expected and I throbbed with excitement. I leaned over, looked in my bag and handed him a sachet of lube. I had squirted while he finger-fucked me and that reduced the viscosity of my pum juice. He rubbed the lube all over my vagina in slow motion and when he reached my ass, he dug a finger in and this sent unholy waves through my body. “I am just trying to excite you” he chuckled.

I was excited and couldn’t wait to sit on his dick with my now lubricated sex. Chill out he whispered, let me fuck you… I nodded as though I lost my ability to speak and laid on my back. He slowly eased himself onto me and gained penetration. At first, he moved slowly just but in a few seconds, he was bouncing in and out of me, each thrust accompanied by a masculine grunt I didn’t know he had. He cursed grunted and fucked and that turned me on even more.

Todd, fuck me harder I commanded. As though he’d been waiting for that he flipped me on my back into the doggy position, stuck his thumb in my ass and fucked my pussy with such aggression. I loved every bit of it. I screamed, moaned and groaned, our voices matching in pitch, his dick grinding into my vulva! A few minutes later, my body shook violently in another orgasm, my pussy squirting over everything.

I’m coming he groaned holding on to my waist hitting me harder, it hurt but I liked it. He pounded wildly into me for a while and collapsed on top of me, his dick throbbing as his sperm hit my walls creating a warm fuzzy feeling.

We laid there for about three hours and just talked about his thesis and other ideas. Todd blew my mother fucking mind, I had not expected him to fuck the air out of me literally.




Orgasmic Party of One!


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It was rainy Tuesday and I didn’t have to be at work till 12pm so I had some time on my hands. I rolled over in bed relishing the rare opportunity to sleep in. Then it came to me, I had been on an unintentional sex hiatus and although I was loving it, some self-love seemed appropriate. Heck! I had some time to sleep in. Plus— who doesn’t like the smell of cum in the morning.

So, I journeyed around my body, feeling her delicately. As my hands roamed, I became aroused. A little nipple squeeze here, a little touch there mixed with a lot of sexy thoughts the magic began, in no time, my body responded, I was wet.

Then I began to rub my hands on my swollen sex. It was warm and moist down there and for a moment, I was lost, imagining how warm my pussy will feel around a proper sized dick. For some reason, that mental picture had my body going. I began to rub on my clitoris, in circular motion. First slowly and then a little faster, with the occasional moments where I am knuckle deep in my pussy daring the squirt gods.

Gradually, my juices began to assemble, and I was going crazy. Deeper, faster, I continued dipping my fingers in and making every stroke count. Splash! My juices came running. My finger was out of my pussy now and I began to caress my clit, overwhelmed by a sense of urgency I rubbed the now turgid organ faster, and faster, in circular motion, then from side to side….

Then it washed over me, the best orgasm of the month. My knees buckled and my toes could not stay straight. Fuck! Ahhhhh! Hmmmmm! I groaned, mumbling some incoherent shit as my body danced to its own music.

I didn’t wipe the cum, I simply pulled my duvet closer and slept in for an additional two hours. I don’t know about you but I like the smell of fresh cum, I find it relaxing.

It was the best Tuesday ever.


Tell me about most memorable party of one in the comment section! Let’s be dirty with impunity!




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“Get to the table he ordered” in his French tainted English. “your pussy so good and I’m gonna make it sing’ he hollered.

For a minute, I was convinced he was possessed by the pussy gods, then I thought he was just intoxicated by my pussy juice. I have never met any man who feasted on squirt juice like ‘Man with no name’.  He drank it, swam in it as though there in lies his Liberation.

Let me tell you about ‘Man with no name’.

I met him on my trip to Benin Republic. I had been a part of a delegate to consider some issues surrounding poverty and hunger in a village just outside of Port novo and as always, I was fully in work mode. It was an uneventful trip, one filled with time spent working on a report and touring villages. I had spent the three days worrying about the world and how to fix it and sex was the last thing on my mind.

On the last day of the evaluation, I walked into the hotel lobby to pick up my keys and I noticed that the hotel manager winked at me. he didn’t stop there, he flirted heavily and everything he said seemed like a sexual innuendo. I dismissed the thought and just figured his eyes had an involuntary twitch.

He informed me of my water and laundry bill and as I was about to pay up, I noticed that my wallet was in my hotel room. “I will come to upstairs to your room to get the money” he offered. I felt relieved but still had a feeling as though he was hitting on me.

I was barely clad when I heard a knock on the door, it was him. I hurriedly wore some clothes and picked up my wallet. Without making eye contact I handed him the money due and motioned to close the door. He held the door open with his leg and my pulse started to race! I was nervous as fuck and I didn’t know why. I was almost sure there was a pussy destruction coming my way.

I cleared my throat and tried to speak with confidence, “Excuse me, why are you holding my door open” I asked, trying to keep my voice audible. He caught my eyes and said, do you need anything else? His voice seductive as fuck! In that minute, I knew I was going to fuck this stranger.

Can I come in he asked, still seducing the shit out of me, I basically lost my voice and could not speak, I just moved away from the door, holding it open as though I was under a spell.

He came in and immediately planted his lips on mine. Alarm bells went off in my head. My body started to make music and this stranger was about to dance to it. I kissed him back and that was it, I was lost in this fog of lust.

He began to fondle and caress me, groping and grabbing and I liked every bit of it. I was wet and ready and I had no time to waste. I disengaged from the kissing and fondling, went to my table, handed him a condom and took doggy position on the bed. He entered me from behind with a bang and began to pump it up, in, out, bang bang.

I was dying but I wanted more. He fucked me with so much enthusiasm and lust every stroke harder and deeper than the last driving me to the depths of pleasure. My orgasms came rushing and with every one he spanked me hard as though he was rewarding me for every orgasm.

After a while, he came out of me and said “get to the table.” I was a little afraid of him and rightly so but I obeyed him without question. I laid on the table and he walked slowly toward me, killing me with anticipation. He raised my right leg and slid inside me. He continued to fuck me hard with so much enthusiasm and I cried, throwing caution to the wind. With every stroke came a compliment. “Your pussy so good” “your pussy so thick” “I wanna fuck you right now” “make you cum so hard” all these said while spanking my ass his dick buried deep inside me. This was music to my pussy cos my wetness increased and my juices splashed as he banged.

Fuck! His dick was big and I was hurting but the pleasure was too profound and I couldn’t muster the strength to say stop. Harder, faster, deeper I cried instead, begging him to take me to the edge of ecstasy.  I wanted him to ravage my pussy, give me an experience I’ll never forget and that he did. He then took me on the floor, on the bed, and by the wall. I had begged him not to stop but I had reached my 6th orgasm and my strength was failing me. He slowly pulled out of me and said “I don’t wanna hurt you, I just want to make your pussy feel good.”

I collapsed on the bed and watched him put his clothes on so he could return to the hotel front desk.

We fucked for over two hours and my nameless stallion didn’t cum neither did he break a sweat.