Nigerian sex stories



“Do you want this inside you?” he asked pointing at his dick. I nodded, use your words he nudged, yes I said.

I was consumed with need but also apprehensive. There was a possibility that we could totally be out of sync and it will just be a messy 10 minutes of someone boring you while literally inside you. He put on condom and lowered himself onto me and in missionary position, he slid into my wet, slippery pussy.

A deep moan escaped my lungs as I welcomed him into my moist, warm mound, my apprehension disappeared. This was going to be the first of many fuckathons and I was ready, ridden with need. With sure calculated strokes, he ripped in and out of my pussy, moaning and grinding, he blew his load. We laid on top of each other for a while as we tried to regularise our breathing.

I got up, washed up while he rolled a fresh blunt. “This is good weed” he said as he slid his tongue over the paper to seal it in place. My stomach tightened at the sight of his tongue, I thought of the same tongue poking seductively at my clitoris a while ago, licking my opening profusely while I convulsed in orgasm.

Do you want to stay on to the next time we fuck he asked? No, I have no core strength I retorted.

We attended to the freshly rolled blunt in silence.

I love the way weed makes you quiet Tito said, attempting a joke. I looked over and saw he was hard and motioned myself towards him. This is hard I said, touching his dick. Are we going to use it?

He smirked, looked at me long and hard and said, yes, I will whip you with this dick. This time he wasn’t sweet, there was a meanness about his demeanour and I wasn’t sure if I should be afraid. Do you want me to fuck you he asked, barely audible, yes, yes, please fuck me I said?  He reached forward and pulled my hair, his eyes now dark, he asked again, do you want this dick inside you? I saw the darkness but I was not afraid, in fact, it held promise. I subbed and whispered, yes, daddy, put this dick inside me. Fuck me.

He kissed me harder this time, the sweet kisses were gone. He pulled my hair while he sucked at my face. In a short while, he pulled away, looked at me and took one nipple in his mouth while he played with the other. He sucked hard, nibbled and bit into it. This sent shock waves down my body and my pussy began to throb uncontrollably and yes it hurt oh so deliciously. He sucked harder, nibbled harder and there, my first orgasm from nipple action. In the past, I had only heard of this from a friend and I had concluded that nipple orgasms were a myth. Here I was, under the influence, I could feel my pussy walls tighten and then collapse into a squirt orgasm, with every eruption, he sucked harder until I begged him to let me go.

He stopped sucking my nipple and said to me, come sit on this dick. I began to say ï have no core strength so… swoosh! he hit me. Shut up and sit on this dick he ordered. I subbed, and quietly sat on him, his dick slid in effortlessly. Then he began to fuck me. After my 3rd orgasm, my legs were weak and my vision had become blurry. I got up, I couldn’t take it any longer he looked at me and said, hey, there’s more dick.

Those words did things to me, unexplainable things. I got up and fell to my knees, bent over and ached my back. “Take it daddy” I said, dying with need. He slid into me from behind, diving so deep I was sure my vagina was in shock. I winced in pain and tried to move away, swoosh he smacked my ass so hard and grunted “stay there, take this dick.” I surrendered completely, ached back, pussy in the air determined to take the dick, all of it.

I felt my heart stop. Tito pumped hard into me in sure strokes as though he was trying to touch things inside me, things I didn’t know existed. I felt these things come alive, with every stroke, with every slap on my ass. The pain, the pleasure, it was delicious, I was delirious.

I surrendered completely and he fucked me till he grunted hard in orgasm, jerking hard into me with every release…




I wrote because you asked. I should do further instalments in the coming weeks… Let me know what you’d like to read. Do you want to read more from the adventures with Tito?














There’s more Dick Part 1

Tito is my current resident back bender. It’s all recent but he is an above average lover, attentive, affectionate and just violent enough. He fucks me so good that I send random appreciation texts just to pay obeisance to the gods of good dick.

I met Tito a few months ago at a book festival and we said brief hellos. He wasn’t particularly memorable and two brief conversations didn’t help much. I am an explorer and sometimes, in conversation, I speak on the need to explore god’s green earth through new dick. This was when H reminded me that I was being flirted with by Tito at the festival. H is my soul sister and she understands my sexual needs like they are hers. After that brief conversation, I sent Tito a WhatsApp message and he replied immediately. In that moment, I knew I was going to fuck him.

Tito is my type but a different variant, I reckoned spending time with him would be tedious but I am not one to back down from a challenge so I decided to proceed without caution. We immediately hit it off and began conversing, I concluded he has sex appeal and I would like to see what this can become. I didn’t know finding out would mean mornings of intense sex, hair pulling and squiring orgasms.

Before I started the very sexual relationship with Tito, I had a nagging feeling in my gut that conversation would be a chore because he struck me like someone who liked to keep things on surface level.  I have learnt over the years that conversations with a fuck buddy is as important as the sex and shying away from intellectual connection as a defence mechanism, limits my experience. In as much as he wasn’t my conversational cup of tea I felt an urgency to sit on his dick and so we decided to meet up the first time.

I went to his house nervous as fuck and that was a good sign, nervous energy deepens my appreciation for experiences, so nerves were a welcome component. The atmosphere was so intense and I fought the urge to tear his shorts and take his dick in my mouth before he reached over and planted kisses on my neck, shoulders and ears. I could feel my sex swell as he worked his magic, I wanted him to take all of me in his mouth and do with me as he pleased. As though Tito could hear my thoughts, he pulled me over on my back and placed his mouth on my inner thighs sending waves through my body. I was wet and ready but Tito had not started with me. He planted kisses as though he was trying to savour my essence and when I wasn’t looking, he took my clit in his mouth. This had me spiralling, he teased and licked, sucked and played and my body trembled in agreement. “Yes, pleasure me” I moaned.

It didn’t take long before I started to move my waist, matching his movements, crashing my sex into his face. He ate me out faster now, giving my clit the attention it deserved then it washed over me, my first orgasm of this series of trysts that would have me questioning so many things.